Belinda Jackson is an extremely generous & savvy New Yorker who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to growing your business in the US market. She has a deep understanding of the obstacles you may face and she has excellent strategies to help you move through them with ease. Highly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, she is the perfect person to take your business to the next level while scoping out new opportunities to further develop your business.

She is a brilliant listener and is one step ahead with clever insights to find innovative and creative solutions. It has been my experience that when Belinda believes in what you are doing she gets behind you 100%.
— Lucy S.
Belinda’s mentorship and consultation were crucial to the success of my raise negotiation and performance review in my advertising role at a major TV network. Not only was she able to talk me through the issues and address blind spots in my thinking but she also helped me craft my approach so that I was polished, prepared and able to speak confidently when asking for a raise (no easy feat!). The outcome was a win-win, not only did I get a raise and a promotion but I also smashed internal barriers for myself, learning that it’s possible to ASK for more in life – in short, her encouragement and insight reshaped my attitude and approach to everything that I do.
— Alexandra C.
Moving from Australia to the USA, I found the job search/interview process to be very different. Belinda coached me on rewriting my resume for a USA audience, interview tips and where/how to find job vacancies in New York. Her knowledge and advice was invaluable. I got far more invitations for job interviews after I had rewritten my resume. I also felt far more relaxed and confident in interviews armed with the tips that Belinda had given me. Not only does Belinda seemingly know everything there is to know about working in New York, she is also a very supportive, nurturing, and generous person. If you’re looking for a new job or just want to change careers, I can’t recommend Belinda highly enough.
— Katherine B.
I am so grateful to have had Belinda as a business mentor in the USA. She has provided me with invaluable career advice and coached me, as an Australian in New York City, to successfully navigate the American business world. With her bright personality and astute business knowledge, I am forever impressed how her networks extend across such a broad range of industries.
— Nathan S.
Belinda is a dynamic mentor & consultant for Prosell. I had the distinct pleasure of working directly with Belinda to enhance my own skill set as a call center manager. Belinda made the environment conducive to learning and encouraged dialogue to think outside the norm. As a result of her knowledge and expertise, I was able to mature in my approach to developing sustainable growth in my employees.
— Damien B.
I am excited to recommend Belinda Jackson and her career coaching services to any parents wanting to support their “children” as they work to finding a current career. Belinda works in partnership, as she did with my son, to look at options based upon their vision, skill set and options in the market place.
— Colleen B.