Whether you are considering a move to the United States or you are already here, everyone can benefit from working with a professional to focus and guide you on your career and international journey.

  • Career Coaching and Guidance
  • How to position yourself in the American market
  • What tools you need for success
  • Selling and pitching yourself
  • Networking and Introductions
  • Presentations and Interview Practice
  • Negotiating Salary and Packages
  • Career Transitioning

Package 1 - $500

Initial Phone Consultation

Understanding the American Job Market

Building the Next Step for your Career Success

Linked In Review & Suggestions

Job Hunting Strategies / Insider Tips

Coffee Meeting or Video Conferencing

Introductions to appropriate contacts to help you transition to the USA 

PACKAGE 2 - $700

   4 sessions x 45 minutes

Discuss Goals

Review Resume and Cover Letters

Linked In Review & Suggestion

Job Hunting Strategies / Insider Tips

PACKAGE 3 - $1,200

   8 sessions x 45 minutes

All Above Plus:

Strategic Positioning - Work Session

Presentation & Interview Skills and Practice

Salary & Package Negotiation

Appropriate Networking Introductions

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PACKAGE 4 - $2,500

   3 months 1 on 1 coaching

All Above Plus:

Regaining Confidence

Strategic Goal Setting & Career Guidance

Email Reviews

Career Transitioning Work Sessions

Weekly Career Counseling Sessions



On-going Career Coaching

Preparing for your Performance Reviews

Standard 1 hour Coaching Sessions $395