About BElinda Jackson

With an extensive background in Human Resources including with major corporations such as News Corp, Dell and Yum restaurants, Belinda brings real insight into the intelligence behind hiring decisions. 

A business consultant working with corporations wanting to bring their operations to the United States, Belinda assists with market entry and strategy for success. These strategies include Americanizing their marketing, making introductions and building networks.

Career coaching has become Belinda's passion and her skills as a business consultant over the years have made her the 'go to' person for individuals wanting to break into the USA job market.

Her interpersonal skills put you at ease instantly and her uncanny ability to remember someone from 10 years ago, what they were doing and how they met, makes her vast network of connections invaluable.

Belinda cares about the success of her clients, whether they be in business or career coaching clients, she wants all to achieve their goals and makes it her mission to ensure they do so.

Belinda Jackson, is an Australian living in New York. She is passionate about both countries, the theater and travel.